Academy of Municipal Attorneys (AMA)

educationParticipation in the AMA involves both an educational component and a practice component to achieve the purposes of the program.  The educational component seeks to train and educate the applicant in not only the basic elements of municipal law, but also to encourage academic and scholarly excellence in municipal law.  The practice component seeks to recognize the implementation of the academic component by applying the academic program to effective and competent legal practice.  In addition, membership in the AMA seeks to encourage opportunities for dialogue, friendship, and fellowship with social opportunities to promote the Academy.

AMA Graduates

John Barr
Lori Grigg Bluhm
Steven P. Joppich
Peter Letzmann
William Mathewson
Catherine M. Mish
Andrew J. Mulder
Carol A. Rosati
Gregory T. Stremers

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Upcoming Events

June 23-25, 2017

19th Annual MAMA & PCLS Summer Education Conference
Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island
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