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Basic Membership

Basic members, upon application and payment of dues, will be entitled to receive the Municipal Legal Briefs via access to the website and by email, be entitled to the member rate for MAMA educational programs and shall be entitled to participate in the MAMA listserv.  Membership dues for each Basic Member are $60.

The definition of a Basic member of MAMA is for the in-house city or village attorney representing a member of MML, as well as their deputies and assistants; and for an attorney who is the officially designated city or village attorney of a MML member.

Past Presidents of MAMA are Basic members of the association for life without requirement of continued municipal representation and without assessment of dues.

To become a Basic member or renew your Basic membership:

Associate Membership

Any attorney admitted to practice law in the State of Michigan who has a demonstrable and principal portion of their employment in municipal law may become an associate member upon application and approval by the Board of Directors, provided that they do not represent parties or advocate legal positions antithetical to the stated goals of MAMA or municipal interests throughout the State.  Please note that associate membership is not available to attorneys of cities or villages that are not MML members.  The dues structure provides the same benefits to Associate Members and the dues for each Associate Member are $60.

To become an Associate member or renew your Associate membership:

Patron/Special Patron Membership

In addition, the membership structure provides an optional Patron or Special Patron membership.  In particular, law firms and large, in-house municipal attorney staffs may wish to consider becoming a Patron or Special Patron.  Special recognition will be given to Patrons/Special Patrons at educational programs and in publications.  A law firm or in-house municipal staff may become a Patron by paying an annual fee of $550 – $1000 (Patron) or over $1100 (Special Patron).  A Patron may then name up to 5 attorneys to receive member benefits; a Special Patron may name up to 10 attorneys, provided that they do not represent parties or advocate legal positions antithetical to the stated goals of MAMA or municipal interests throughout the state..  Each attorney named will receive member benefits; provided, however, that participation on the listserv must be approved by the Board of Directors, unless an attorney is otherwise qualified as a Basic member.  Individuals may also apply as a Patron or Special Patron; however, an individual Patron or Special Patron may not name designated attorneys to receive benefits.

As always, direct contributions may also be made to MAMA.

It should be noted that listserv membership will be limited to Basic Members (including past presidents) and, upon approval by the Board of Directors, to Associate Members and to those attorneys designated under the Patron or Special Patron membership.

Words of caution re: Patron/Special Patron membership:
You should consult with your law firm or staff to determine whether you should apply individually as a Full Member or as an attorney designated under the Patron/Special Patron membership.  If you apply individually as a Full Member and pay the $60 annual dues, you will not be entitled to a refund if you are subsequently named as one of the designated attorneys under the Patron/Special Patron membership for the same membership year. Please also note that when listing the names of attorneys designated under the Patron/Special Patron membership, all designated attorneys must be listed on the application when initially submitted.  As a third option, you may wish to apply as an individual Patron/Special Patron by completing the Patron/Special Patron application form and submitting the applicable payment.

MAMA has a proud past of providing valuable services to Michigan municipal attorneys.  MAMA intends to continue to offer those services as well as to provide expanded opportunities and benefits to municipal attorneys as we move forward.

To become a Patron/Special Patron member or renew a Patron/Special Patron membership:

Special IMLA Membership Option:

The International Municipal Lawyers Association is making available to MAMA Basic Members, IMLA Lite membership for only $50.  This offer is only for city/village attorneys (and assts/deputies) that represent a city/village of less than 2500 population.  You will receive IMLA member benefits including outstanding teleconferences at the member rate and the bi-monthly IMLA magazine.  If you qualify, and want to take advantage of this offer, just check the box on the application form and remit the additional $50, or if renewing membership dues online please mail a check for $50 to the Michigan Association of Municipal Attorneys at 1675 Green Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105 and put IMLA on the Memo/check stub line of the check.  For more information on IMLA and member benefits, go to and click on the membership tab.

About the MAMA Dues Structure
At its annual meeting held June 27, 2009, the membership of MAMA voted to assess annual dues (July 1-June 30) to the membership.